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Faculty Dining Hall Opens on 28th of February

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Faculty Dining Hall of LNU, on the second floor of Academic Communication Center, began its business on 28th February, which attracted all-side attractions.

“This should be written into the history of our school.” said Yang Guangqiang, secretary of the party committee of School of Tourism and History. 

Bu Jian, who is a staff from the Service Department of the school, told the school reporter: “I have been working for the whole winter vacation, preparing for the open of our dining hall. And we finally have this day.”

The dining hall meets high standards, offering various delicious meals and warming services on working days to faculty.

The Deputy Director of the Service Department Xiao Liguo briefly introduced the dining hall to our reporter, “The dining hall runs between 11:40 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. You can find kinds of dishes here.” He also told the reporter the cafe on the first floor is opening very soon. 

The open of Faculty Dining Hall spreads immediately among faculty members. It gives much convenience to teachers and staff, making the campus life even delightful.