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    The Library of Liupanshui Normal University was founded in 1978. After more than 40 years of construction and development, the existing building has an area of 20204 square meters, 2 electronic reading rooms, 1831 reading room seats, and 26 teachers. It can provide loan, consulting, retrieval, copying and other types of multilevel services.



    The total number of the books about the existing collections is around 1500100 which includes 770100 paper books (including published and bound journals), and 730,000 Chinese and foreign electronic books in the Library of Liupanshui Normal University. There are 643 kinds of Chinese paper newspapers and periodicals in the collection. Several database resources can be accessible such as CNKI Journal, CNKI PhD’s thesises, CNKI master’s thesises, Wan Fang Masters and PhD’s thesises, National People’s Congress photocopying data, EBSCO ASP and BSP, silver character exam, Chao xing e-books, 12,000 episodes Chao xing expert video, Chao xing reading show, 12 self-building database resources and bibliographic data, and other trial databases. The collection of literature has basically covered all disciplines and majors in Liupanshui Normal University, forming a collection of literature and information resources system that is compatible with Literature, Science, Engineering, Law, Education, Management, Economics, Art and other disciplines. Therefore, it can better meet the literature demand of college teaching and scientific research.




    The library now has 5 departments: Circulation and Reading department, comprehensive department, technical department, information consulting department, and editing department. It can provide comprehensive literature services for teachers and students of Liupanshui Normal University and the social readers. It offers literature information retrieval courses for all the students, the entrance education for fresh students, information retrieval training, special lectures and so on. The whole library implements automatic management and adopts integrated services such as collecting books, borrowing, reading, and consulting to provide readers with literature resources and information services. At the same time, the library also joined the VIP Science and Technology Journal (Guizhou Science and Technology Sharing Platform). In 2011, it became a member of the China Higher Education Documentary Support System(CALIS). Through the mutual complementation with the Huiwen System, it has achieved resource sharing with hundreds of university libraries in our country. A 24-hour digital library has been established for readers to facilitate the effective use of library digital resources by teachers and students throughout the university.



     As the literature and information center of our university, the library is accelerating the pace of construction, constantly improving soft and hard conditions, attaching equal importance to management and service, and strengthening internal management to serve teaching, scientific research, and serving the society. We could make more contribution to realize the historic leap of Liupanshui higher education.