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Liu Panshui Normal University was founded in 1978, located in Liupanshui City which is honored as the “ Cool City of China”, In March, 2009, the college was upgraded to a full-time common undergraduate university.



The campus covers 1310 acres. This includes 360,000 square meters of teaching and office buildings.The library is in stock with 1,000,000 printed books,  LNU has 9 experimental centers and 95 off-campus internship and training bases.

At present, there are 739 teachers and staff. The team includes 41 professors, 226 associate professors, with 259 holding MA degrees and 36 holding PhDs. At LNU, 24 experts are honored for their achievements by the municipal government and 1 by the provincial government. There is also 1 provincial famous teacher. The university has almost 7,000 full-time students.

Now, LNU comprises 14 Departments, 37 undergraduate programs,covering 10 disciplines: such as Engineering,Science, Education, Literature etc. LNU has enrolled students from 16 provinces. LNU owns 1 national“Professional Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program”,1provincial-level specialty, 1 provincial-level distinctive key discipline, 1 provincial-level key discipline, 4 disciplines strongly supported by the provincial government, 1 provincial engineering technology research center, 1 provincial scientific experiment platform, 1 provincial key laboratory as well as 1 science and technology innovation team.

At present, the university undertakes 504 scientific research subjects at various levels, including 9 state-level scientific research subjects, 102 provincial-level scientific research subjects as well as 201 municipal-level scientific research subjects.

LNU attaches great importance to intercommunication, and actively conducts academic exchanges with universities and institutions abroad. The university has sent some experts and scholars to study in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries. It has, so far, established friendly links and strategy cooperation with Dhurakij Pundit University, Tailand, and other 9 colleges in Taiwan. LNU has also established and expanded counterpart cooperation with Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Liaoning Normal University etc.